We at Therapeutic Shoes have focused on foot care for more that 50 years. We are a shopping resource for those suffering from a wide variety of foot conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, flat feet, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, bunions, calluses, edema, leg lengh discrpancies, as well as knee, hip and back pain.

We specialize in custom accommodative foot orthotics, stylish extra depth shoes, diabetic shoes, custom shoes, shoe modifications, compression wear and diabetic socks. We've got over 175 styles and colors of men's and women's shoes.

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We feature an in-house orthotics lab with certified personnel who handle all custom orthotics and shoe modifications. We offer a large selection of compression wear. Our socks are hand-made with bamboo charcoal fiber, seamless and shaped to fit the foot for reducing fatigue and preventing circulation problems.